Power Outage Poetry

When the power went out on February 15, 2000, as I was walking around with members of the hall staff, we encountered two very impressive poems written on a bulletin board. There was paper on the bulletin board, and thus it didn’t damage the board, so it was simply something to marvel at. The author stayed anonymous, and so there was no hand to shake. This is some really good stuff. I’ve typed the poems below the pictures to make sure they’re readable.

Ode to a Power Outage

A thousand rats in a giant cage
Let loose in fits of senseless rage
When we lose electric calm
An adult/post-teenage time bomb
We scream and yell with futile might
All for the dying of the light
Brief stops our world and leaves a scar
And we see truly what we are
And in this darkness, we see that’s
Just rage-filled, brilliant, mighty rats.

Our Hidden Genius

Without electric sedatives
TVs Computers and the like
We see what underneath us lives
Beneath the John, the Rob, the Mike
No more subdued our genius flows
Bursting out, all brilliant bright
And just as quickly genius goes
We forget our youthful might
Our un-electric sun will set
And we’ll return to our great hive
And quickly we will all forget
The night when we all came alive

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