Pie in the Face

This event, on October 10, 1999, was a complete success, both as a fundraiser and for fun, raising a good sum of money for East Carolina University flood victims after Hurricane Floyd.  Here, you can see some of us get a pie in the face!  The particular weekend that we did it was a good weekend to do a pie-in-the-face event, because of a string of false fire alarms due to a bad smoke detector that put everyone up to their last nerve all weekend, and so pie-ing a hall council member or RA or two was a good way to release the tension.  Anyway, though, here’s the pictures…

Sherry, the hall director, wipes cream off of her face after getting pied.

Laura grabs Julie in a headlock, and delivers a pie directly into Julie’s face!

Sherry’s ready to get it again!

Tom gets a pie flat over the head.  This was not the last pie that Tom received that night…

And yet another person gets nailed with whipped cream!

Another victim (this time Michelle), and another pie… square in the face.

Sherry was a particularly popular target for pies…

I was a target for a pie or two as well…

“Colleen, I think a whipped-cream pie will do wonders for you!”

With all the fun everyone was having, people were going pie-crazy!

“TREASURE THIS!” is the word of the day, as Chris, our Hall Council treasurer, gets nailed square in the face with a pie.

Tom is pied once again…

This time Aditi is brought into the pieing fun, on her way to becoming the messiest person of all of us!

From one Hall Council officer to another, have a pie!

Michelle is COVERED with the stuff!

Colleen is ganged up on as some of her hall-mates get ready to go at her with pies in hand…

Aditi’s all smiles after a pie that was thrown instead of placed misses its intended target.

(Mind you, though, I later made sure it reached its intended target)

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